Three Ideas for Reducing Your Stress

Working for five days a week can be stressful, especially if you have a job in a competitive environment. Besides, if you are like most of us, who sign up in two or three workplaces, then you probably have only a little time to pamper yourself. But you have to give yourself some free time. And if you think that sleeping all day during your holiday can refresh your mind, you are mistaken.

Usually, spending the holiday alone and indoor will worsen the stress. You will get bored, and once you get back to work, you will feel like you have just wasted your time for nothing. You must be creative to cheer yourself up.

Bringing Back Nostalgic Moments

watching movieYou should not underestimate the power of memory. As a matter of fact, a meditation that works to heal one’s mind is the one that can recall a beautiful memory. For instance, you can tidy up all of your family photo albums or recover your childhood toys or goods collection. If you happen to be a person who videotapes moments of togetherness, you can re-watch them and recall those warm feelings.

People also collect mementos during their lifetime. If you think you don’t, maybe you have been too busy with yourself, and you have forgotten the gifts you received from your closed ones. You should try to get back those memorable items and turn them into some decorative objects. Learning to create DIY handicrafts is a productive way to spend your free time.

Going for an Outdoor Adventure

Nature heals, and that is true. Stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, and other psychological problems today strongly associates with the detachment of human’s life from nature. If you find that looking at trees is relaxing, it is not only a psychological marvel but also biological.

From the evolutionary perspective, the color green eases our mind because it was a sign of food abundance to our ancestors. We evolve on Earth that is not naturally filled with skyscrapers and concrete buildings. Spending too much time in town can be stressful because our brain has been wired for the past 300,000 to deal with the natural environment.

Doing a Group Exercise

group fitnessNo humans are born as a loner. A person who prefers solitude must have experienced something traumatic in his/her life. If you are one of them, you should confess to yourself what makes you reluctant to spend time with the crowd. Perhaps, it is because you have not found the right friend circle, or it is your ego that makes you think you are better than other people. Either way, you should not give up fitting in with the crowd.

A scientific article from Daily Mail UK wrote that lonely people are more likely to die than those who are close with friends and relatives. When a lonely person gets ill, he/she is less likely to receive moral support from other people, which leads them not to take the medication. Alzheimer and cardiovascular diseases are also common in people who live alone.

Therefore, you should take an easy step like joining a group exercise to make your life more sociable. The activity connects you with other people in a healthy environment. It will be much more beneficial than if you socialize in a bar or club, where alcohol abuse is prevalent.